Earth Day Events Happening in Reno


Earth Day is right around the corner and it’s coming whether you’re ready or not! April 21st is the day, so mark it in your calendars. This nationwide event consists of thousands of volunteers wanting to do something good for the environment, showing their appreciation for the wonders the earth has given us all—the beautiful skies, the detail-oriented mountains that allow us to hike and explore them, and the clean waters we tastefully swim in on a regular basis; there is so much to celebrate on Earth Day. And every event counts on this day.

Reno is celebrating April 21st with a wild event on Idlewild Park, an event that has been a part of the Reno community for the past 22 years. LovetheEarth The festival brings people together to learn about the many branches of Earth day and ecological responsibilities through special performances and local artwork incorporating earth day meanings. 9,000-10,000 people from Northern Nevada and California attended the event in 2012, after having some minor mishaps that almost halted the Earth Day festival from happening. The effort and dedication by those who took it upon themselves to assure the festival’s continuance, and the surprising quantity of exhibitors and attendees was a true testament showing how important the celebration really is for the local community of Reno and those who come just to be a part of it.

This year is no different! With Earth Day festivities just less than a week away, organization and planning is underway! Volunteers are still needed for a number of different positions within the event. If you’re interested in being a part of this festival, check out the to see how you can be a part of Earth Day! I recently submitted my volunteer application and am awaiting a response as to where I can help! Do some good this April 21st! Plant a tree, a plant, a flower! Ride your bike instead of your car! Do a good deed for the environment and share your deed here.

Have a great week and a happy Earth Day!

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