Greetings! My name is Christine. I’m an optimistic, young lady with an extroverted personality. I am drawn to people who can teach me things, show me a different point of view, and influence my life. I love social interactions with a variety of people–the more diverse, the better! There is a lot to learn from somebody who isn’t exactly like you, or so I believe.

I have lived in Nevada my entire life, and up until I moved away from my hometown for college, had never been exposed to such a diverse city. My hometown is just a tiny dot on a map. Therefore, moving here has been a whole new experience! The diversity this little big city has shown me has left me a great amount of curiosity as to what other cities and their people are like.

I love to travel! Since April of 2011, I have visited Mexico, Spain, France, and Chile. And most recently, I had the chance of exploring the east coast–New York, Massachussetts, and Washington D.C. I saw so many amazing things–famous landmarks, historical buildings, world-known tourist attractions, and things with such beauty that pictures simply didn’t satisfy. It’s one of my biggest passions in life, and I hope everyone gets the chance to do it at one point in their lives.

Another one of my passions, which was recently discovered about a year ago, is the act of volunteering. Before a year ago, I was mildly active in volunteer projects, but now, have realized the satisfaction I receive from the effects my volunteering has on other people, animals, and those who are not directly affected. I have a major soft spot for young kids and animals, but also thrive on being a leader and making a difference if many benefit. It’s amazing how even the tiniest good deed can make a vast difference–like a butterfly effect.

This is what I will be discussing throughout my blog. I hope to share my experiences with you, and hopefully move you to follow your passions, whether it’s volunteering or some other cause that fuels your drive. In time, those interested in understanding volunteering, and learning how and where to volunteer can use this blogspot as a guide. I encourage the participation of readers, and ask that those of you who also have great ideas, or projects, share them! I would love to hear about it!

So once again, welcome to my blog, and let the adventure begin!


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