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‘WOOF’-enteering at Reno Animal NonProfits


These days, it seems as though whatever your interest may be, volunteer involvement is always needed. Basically, in every direction that I’ve steered towards volunteer work, and trust me, I vary in volunteer projects, something has been available for me to become a part of it. It’s GREAT! Want to work with the elder, there’s opportunity. Enjoy the laughter of children, volunteering is available! Animal lover? There are more than enough animals that need loving volunteers to give them attention.

One great area of volunteer work that is offered in Reno is the direct volunteer work done with animals. There is a variety of different programs that offer volunteer work directly with animals, including the Nevada Humane Society, the SPCA of Northern Nevada, and Animal Ark. DogWalkersPlease These specific places care for animals and encourage volunteering by community members. Each program varies in volunteer requirements. Below are descriptive lists of what is needed to be a volunteer at these places.

Nevada Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that takes in dogs and cats from the surrounding community, and tries to find them each a home.


  • 18 years of age and older are invited to join the team.
  • ages 16 and 17 are allowed to volunteer, unsupervised, with parent or guardian consent.
  • younger than 16 are still allowed to volunteer, accompanied by a pre-approved adult volunteer.
  • are asked to attend at least one monthly volunteer orientation meeting and
  • must complete the Volunteer Agreement and Liability Agreement.

If volunteering at the Nevada Humane Society appeals to you download the application here and hand it in directly at this address.

The SPCA of Northern Nevada is another no-kill shelter, in which the main goal of the nonprofit is to treat homeless cats and dogs and find them loving, permanent homes.


  • donate their time and their hearts to these animals in need
  • must be 18 years old or older to volunteer
  • ages 12-17 may volunteer with a parent or legal guardian who is also a volunteer

If you are interested, go to the website here, and check out the volunteer opportunities offered right now, the upcoming events that will be taking place, and more about being a volunteer.

Lastly, Animal Ark is a bit different than the Humane Society or the SPCA in that it is a nonprofit organization that serves as a wildlife sanctuary and as an education center for visitors. The Animal Ark sanctuary provides a stable home for injured, abandoned, or ill wildlife animals.

Volunteer policies are a bit stricter, as the animals you are working with require more caution than domestic pets. However, the organization relies on volunteers heavily as there are few paid employees, made up generally of volunteers.


  • are needed for interaction with individuals visiting the park, answering questions, telling Ark stories, and assuring the safety of visitors, staff, and animals
  • are also wildlife educators, in which you, as a volunteer, conduct a tour guide for park visitors, including children on field trips to the park
  • assist with the maintenance of the park, including picking up trash, watering the trees, painting facilities as needed, etc
  • can also be a part of the planning team to compose special events for the park, including fundraising, marketing, and social media promotions

If you are serious about commitment and feel up to the challenge, check out the Animal Ark website on more information about volunteering and how to approach it.


Volunteering with animals is one of the most endearing things that we, as humans, have! Take the opportunity and check out these websites. Consider the volunteer opportunity. You may just find yourself interested in working with animals. However, if you’re just not quite ready to jump in, or don’t have the time now, consider a donation! Each nonprofit organization could use a little bit of donation to keep up the efforts they do!

Thank you for your time, and enjoy your week!

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